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Conflicting Motive is a DIY rock band that blends alternative rock, indie rock, and prog genres with lyrics ranging from nostalgic emo to the ethereal and philosophical.

The members of Conflicting Motive join together years of experience in jazz, metal, emo, and rock for a complex and mesmerizing DIY sound that is not defined by the bounds of a single genre.

Releases include:

Under the Firmament (2015) (Single)
SOLAR EP (2019)
LUNAR EP (2019)

For Fans of…

Thank You Scientist

I the Mighty

Death Cab for Cutie


Booking: Zach Cabral, 808.469.2164

General: conflictingmotive@gmail.com

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Discography | Listen


Conflicting Motive released their first single, “Under the Firmament” in 2015. This song remains a fan favorite.

In 2019, Conflicting Motive released a double EP as a culmination of four years of development and transitions within the band. Songs were released as a double EP rather than an LP in order to highlight this evolution and the diverse characteristics of the band's sound.


Under the Firmament (2015)

“Under the Firmament” blends a range of acoustic and electric instruments for a unique song about love and lust.


SOLAR EP (2019)

SOLAR highlights the original Conflicting Motive sound where rock, punk, and emo collide into songs about love, heartache, and dismay.


Lunar EP (2019)

LUNAR combines alt rock roots with shoegaze and prog influences, highlighting a transition toward the philosophical and experimental.


The Band


Zach Cabral (Vocals, Guitar)

Zach was born and raised in Hawaii, where he developed his love of music and entertaining, and began learning piano as a child. While serving in the U.S. Air Force, music and songwriting became his primary creative outlet from military conformity. Zach is a multi-instrumentalist and international traveler and performer, with a B.S. in Recording Arts and an MBA in Entertainment Business. His influences include alt rock, Hawaiian reggae, indie, acoustic/singer-songwriter, emo, pop punk, folk, and blues.


JP Foronda (Vocals, Keys, Sax)

JP is originally from New Jersey. He met Zach and Cayse in their Entertainment Business master's program and earned his degree at the age of 20. JP is recognized for having (almost) perfect pitch and his ability to play any instrument he picks up. JP was the last to join CM. His talents were revealed while serving as a "roadie" for the band and Zach quickly asked him to fill in the missing piece the band needed. His influences range from jazz and classical music to classic rock and video game music.


Cayse McRee (Bass)

Cayse grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. His interest in music began at the age of 12 while taking guitar lessons. Soon after, Cayse became interested in bass, and performed in metal bands as a screamer and instrumentalist. He joined Conflicting Motive after becoming friends with JP and Zach in the Entertainment Business master's program. and multi-instrumentalist. His influences include death metal, black metal, country, rock, punk, funk, blues, and EDM.


Doug Charles (Drums)

Doug is the only member of the band originally from Orlando, FL. When he's not making funny faces while drumming, you can find him studying sociology, doing drum solos on his steering wheel, and being a total nerd. Doug is soon expected to defend a dissertation to earn a PhD in Sociology. His philosophical roots and mindfulness largely contribute to the band's most intricate lyrics. Some of his music influences include prog, indie atmospheric, post-hardcore and shoegaze.



EPK Photography: Katie Mick Photography and Sunvannah Photography
SOLAR and LUNAR album art: Russell Eaton Design